About me


Story with crystals in the background.


“Look inside a kiln give me always thrill and massive fun, every time surprise! This unpredictability and variety of results is what I like the most.”


My name is Kuba, why not introduce myself as Jakub (my formal name)? Kuba is more obvious in the pronunciation for English-speaking friends, they never know how to pronounce Jakub so I use a short version Kuba, Yes exactly same like the as the island/country Cuba! It is clear for everybody. It is much easier for them and for me 🙂


Turning to the merits. I thought it will be interesting to tell a story how I making ceramics in “About Me” section.


Beginnings: My first contact with ceramics took place a long time ago … in the second grade of elementary school I attended pottery classes. The main entertainment of children- participants, have been throwing the clay in to each other 🙂 It was a great Fun! After this short episode of contact with ceramics I forget for it for many years …


The true origins: My dearest second-half – wife Marta, is an jewelry maker artist. Ceramics next to the glass, is one of hers semi-finished products to create unique jewelry. Thus, one day, many years ago she aked: Can we go to classes in pottery?, “Yes, why not!” So we went. It quickly became clear for me that I loved to create things when I was a child! During work in plastic mass, I remembered how good I felt, being a child playing with plastelin, modeling clay, mud, wood, paper, pads, fringe and even a needle&thread. Magically, I realized what I liked most!


Evolution: For three months, together with my Marta, we were going to ceramics workshops, but I felt that I had to start create a home.  But what have happen also? During Internet research for inspiration in I found images of crystalline ceramics. Then came my first thought: “How is it done?” and the second “That’s what I want doing!”. Unfortunately, it was not as easy as it seemed on the first sight… and this is how my crystalline obsession started :) and it is still going on....

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